Thursday, October 27, 2011

FB Post from my Mom

Plexus Slim is still my hero. Holding at 138lbs on maintenance now great products!
    • Gary - Hey Mary Jane....I'm down about 20 lbs now!....gonna lose some more though....

What can Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream Do for You?

We received this awesome email recently from Gold Ambassador Carolyn Waygood telling us about how Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream has helped her. If you are interested in the power of the Breast Cream, read her story.

I just wanted to let you all know how pleased I am to see the October sale on Breast Cream! I am an AVID supporter of the breast cream product - and have been since its' initial release. Now that I see the sale, I know the breast cream is just as an important product in the Plexus catalog as any other! THANKS!

And, in case other Ambassadors didn't realize the AMAZING results seen from the Breast Cream, I thought I'd share my experiences with you. Use them as you wish....
 #1: The Breast Cream reduces/eliminates scar tissue!
  After my own breast surgery, I had horrible "keloid" scars under my breast. The scars were raised, red, and bumpy. I have had such scars in the past, and was told by my doctors that I am prone to "keloids" - a condition of the body where it tends to "over heal" itself and create more scar tissue than it needs to. For 2 years, I purchased expensive "scar-reducing" bandages from my plastic surgeon, and lived with them over my scars....hoping one day I would look in the mirror and the scars would be gone. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.
THOUSANDS of dollars later, Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream was released by Plexus. I immediately stopped purchasing the expensive "band aids", and began applying the cream morning and night to the scars. Looking back, I wish so much that I had taken pictures along the way.....because within 30 days, I began to see the scars getting smaller in length. After 60 days the redness was lightening. Even my husband noticed! After approximately 5 months using the cream - the scars were BARELY visible!!! I was amazed, and a life-long believer in the cream!!!
#2: After my experience with the breast cream reducing surface scar tissue, I began to apply it to my aching shoulder where I was told I have myofascial scar adhesions limiting my range of motion and causing pain. Due to decades of competitive tennis, and a lifetime of working on computers, my right shoulder was almost immobile - similar to a "frozen shoulder syndrome". The pain was unbearable, and it hurt to take my shirt off over my head! As a Pilates and Yoga teacher, this wasn't helping with my job! I now use Dr. Spencer's Breast Creamon my shoulder when I have a flair-up of pain and soreness, and it relieves it overnight!
Don't take just my word for it, though! I have at least 5 other students who have used the cream post-surgery, and their responses are like mine! The cream relieves pain and helps soft tissue heal! Millie (I'll leave the last names out), after rotator cuff surgery, used the cream which helped reduce post-surgery pain and heal her muscles/tendons. Betty, has used the cream on her hands and wrists to relieve pain from arthritis. Katie, has used the cream on her hips when suffering from Bursitis. Since all these conditions share pain associated from inflammation... the cream definitely worked to improve the symptoms!!

#3. After realizing the cream showed definite healing properties to soft tissue, I really began to "think out of the box". If the cream helped to heal tissue - reducing inflammation and pain - and creating a healthier soft tissue environment... I began to use it on my face after washing in the mornings and evenings. I live in Florida, and am always concerned with sun damage. Through my work with breast cancer education, I know that cancer cells trick the body to draw new blood supply to cancerous cells to help them grow. After seeing an abnormal cluster of capillaries on my cheek beside my nose, I was alarmed and began to apply an extra amount of breast cream to the area.
You may be a skeptic - but there's no reason for me to fabricate the results! Within days, the cluster was gone and the skin was clear! Regardless of what it had been - whether it had been early signs of cancer, or simply broken blood vessels... my skin was clear and I give thanks to the healing properties of the cream! My sister even applies the cream religiously to her chest where she had once had skin cancer - and her skin remains clear and healthy!
 So, here are 3 very different experiences with the breast cream that makes me FIRMLY believe it is an effective product with a wide-range of purposes! THANK YOU Dr. Spencer and Plexus for providing the cream to the public!
 Very warm regards,

Go to purchase Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream for you and a loved one today.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plexus Opportunity Call Don't Miss Out

Want to hear more about Plexus, Join us on the Opportunity Call tonight! And find out what you are missing?

Dial 1-218-862-7200 and use Access Code 610844
The Opportunity Call begins at 6:00pm PDT
(7:00 PM MST, 8:00 PM CST and 9:00 PM EST)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UPDATE on My (Brandi's) Weight Loss with Plexus Slim

I can not began to express how happy I am with Plexus Slim! This product has changed my life! I am now weighting 188 that is amazing for me!  This product is working wonders in my life!  I am not only losing fat and inches, I am gaining self esteem back! I feel so much better about myself!  I already feel like I have lost a whole other person!  And I also can not began to explain how Plexus has been helping me and my family financially! What more can you ask for, to be able to get paid to lose weight and feel great! If you are intrested in losing unwatned fat and inches and gain your self confidence back as well Please ask me how and I will be happy to send you some information, if you are needing an extra income, become an Ambassador today and you too can get paid to look great as well!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free Breast Chek Kit with Order over $100pv *For Ambassadors*

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Plexus is a longtime supporter of breast health awareness for every household. If an Ambassador places an order for $100 PV this month, we are including a free* Breast Chek Kit with your shipment.
All new Ambassadors will receive a free BCK with their Welcome Packs as well. This is a very important tool for every woman to have and now is the perfect time for you to get one in to their hands.

*1 BCK per Ambassador

ALSO 25% Off Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream:
We just received a brand new shipment of Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream, and we want to make sure that our Ambassadors get their hands on it!
The discount applies to single jars only, so make sure you look for the SALE in the product catalog!
Save $10 per jar when you order before the end of October. Remember, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – the easiest time of the year to talk to people about breast health.

How To Get Started with Plexus

As a customer it's important to know how to order Plexus Slim and the benefits of each. First off you will go to the website or  After you have logged in, you will see the ambassador information on the bottom portion of the page. After that you will click on purchase and from here you'll have 4 different options to choose from.

1. One time purchase ($114.00 plus tax and shipping) You'll be required to purchase this with a credit card, debit card, or a check. If you order with a check and the information is accurate there will be no wait period until the check clears. Your order will be sent. This information is stored in the Plexus Slim system and is not shared with 3rd parties.

2. Preferred Customer ($99.00 plus tax and shipping) You'll purchase this with a credit card, debit card, or a check. After you have signed up as a preferred customer you will be sent your order. Each month your card will be debitted this amount until you cancel your account with Plexus Slim. If you remain on Plexus Slim as a Preferred Customer for 3 months the price will be dropped 10%.
3. Sign up as an Ambassador ($99.00 plus tax and shipping) You'll also be required to purchase your website that is $34.95. With this option you will be sent a month supply of plexus slim and accelerators as well as an additional week of plexus slim and accelerators.

4. Sign up as an Ambassador ($199.00 plus tax and shipping) You'll be required to purchase your website that is $34.95 With this option you will be send 3 months of plexus slim and acclerators or you can choose to receive 4 months of plexus slim powders only.

Other benefits as an Ambassador: -You'll purchase at wholesale cost and resell at retail -You'll receive commissions based on your sells. If over $500.00 you'll receive 25% of your personal volume. If over $100.00 you'll receive 15% commission. -If you sponsor a new ambassador you'll receive a bonus check, commissions based off of their sales, and you'll also receive 5 plexus points which are worth an average of $3.50 per point which does fluxuate. -If your ambassador sponsors a new ambassador you'll receive 5 plexus points for them also as well as commissions based off their sales. You will receive commissions based on 7 levels under you. -You will receive bonuses for each level of ambassador you reach. If you should have any further questions about purchases please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Work from home with Plexus Slim


Plexus Slim Ambassador- (The secret of 3) As an Ambassador you are not
only given rights to buy wholesale but also given commissions. Sponsor
at least 3 people and watch your paychecks grow each month. Your main
profit does not come from selling the slim but the commissions.

Ways of receiving commission:

Anytime you buy a product from yourself or if someone buys it from
you, you will receive 15% commission. If you sell or buy over $500.00
(same as 5 month supplies) you receive 25% commission off your total
If you sponsor 3 people you will be given a $100.00 check. You will be
given an additional check for every person you sponsor.
You will receive 5 share in company for everyone you sponsor up to 7
levels. (example: Those you sponsor is your level 1. Those they
sponsor is your level 2.) Each share is worth approx. $3-$3.75
If you sponsor 3 people and each of them sponsor 3, and so on. You
will have over 2, 100 people by the time it reaches your 7th level.
Valued at over $15, 000.00 monthly. Checks are cut on the 15th of each
For each person under you, you will receive 5% off of their total
sales per month
Each level you achieve you will be given a bonus. If you reach the
gold ambassador within a month all your bonuses will be doubled!
If you sign up a preferred customer you will receive commissions off
of their monthly purchase.

How easy is it to sponsor someone?

-It's actually very easy. When you have someone interested in a month
supply their cost would be $114.00. If they sign up to be an
ambassador they only pay $99.00 and receive a month supply and an
additional 7 day supply.

Should I try and sponsor everyone who wants a month?

-Not necessarily. If they dont seem like the kind of person who would
try and sponsor people then you might want to sign them as a Preferred
Customer. As a preferred customer they would only pay $99 every month
for 3 months and then they would only pay $89.00
If you have any further questions about becoming an Ambassador please feel free to contact us.  Or you can check out our sites at or

Monday, October 17, 2011

Plexus and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia, most commonly found in women ages 20-50, suffer from pain in the muscles, joints, or other tissues. It has found to be linked to depression, trouble sleeping, headaches, and general malaise. The orgin of Fibromyalgia is unknown but is found to be more prevalent in people who have experienced physical or emotional traumas, amnesia, and infections.
Plexus Slim has found to be very useful in the treatment of Fibromyalgia. Plexus Slim's natural ingredients do many things for the body including improve energy levels, improve sleep habits, regulate blood sugar levels, assist in controlling high cholestrol, trigger weight loss by targetting adipose tissue fat, and much more. Many participants of Plexus Slim who have suffered with Fibromyalgia have reported that they no longer have pain. For more information on the use of Plexus Slim please follow the links on the homepage.  Brandi Soule 23871

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plexus And Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus, also known as Diabetes, is a disease in which the patient suffers from high blood sugar. Typically the body will notproduce enough insulin which in turn leads to obesity because a lack of insulin and a buildup of high levels of sugar in the body produce something called polyphagia, which is increased hunger. Those who suffer with Diabetes are either classified as having Type I diabetes or Type II diabetes.
Type I diabetes results from the failure to produce enough insulin. Insulin acts as a bridge for sugar molecules to transfer into cells and be utilized by the body and without those bridges the body's sugar levels rise. Medical insulin can be used to get rid of stored sugar within the body. If the levels of sugar are not reduced a person can enter into a condition called DKA (Diabetic Keto-Acidosis) which can be fatal if not treated immediately.
Type II diabetes results from the cells failing to use the insulin properly also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Those who suffer from type II diabetes are boarder-line diabetics who typically control their diabetes through diet.
Plexus Slim helps both Type I and Type II diabetes in that it reduces the amount of sugar within the body. Those with Type I diabetes find that not as much insulin is required to control their diabetes while Type II diabetics might find that they are no longer a boarderline diabetic. Plexus Slim's ingredients that contribute to these effects are Luo Han Guo, Citrik K, Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside, and AminoNicotinate GTF.
The Luo Han Guo, Commonly known as Lo Han Extract, was originally utilized by the country of China as an artificial sweetener to treatdiabetes and obesity. Citrin K and Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycosideboth combat the overeating (polyphagia) with an appetite reducer, They both worth directly with the area of the brain known as the Hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus tells our body when it's had enough to eat. Lastly, Amino Nicotinate GTF or Chromium, works by aiding intransporting of insulin from the blood into the cells and decreasingthe blood sugar levels.
Plexus Slim is being recommended by 1000's of physicians around theUnited States for all it's wonderful natural properties. Why wont you try Plexus Slim today.
Brandi Soule 23871

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Plexus And High Cholestrol

Cholestrol is a naturally occuring substance found in the body. It is a waxy substance that is built up within the walls of arteries. When your walls occlude it results int he death of tissue or muscle. This death is known as necrosis. Death occurs because oxygen rich blood is limited to the tissue and it dies. The human body produes around 75% of cholestrol on it's own. It can be higher or lower depending on heredity. They type of food that you eat also contains cholestrol which can be a bad thing if you already have high levels. There are 2 types of cholestrol, HDL and LDL which is High Density Lipoprotein and Low Density Lipoprotein. The LDL is what sticks to your artery walls adn builds up and your HDL is what get's rid of the LDL so it's much better to have high levels of HDL than LDL. Plexus Slim offers aid to your HDL by helping to lower your LDL levels. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a naturally occuring ingredient found in Plexus that offers this benefit. Found to be naturally occuring in almost all foods. The benefits of this acid is found to be amazing. Here are a few things Lipoic Acid helps to do: improve liver cirrculation, treat chronic liver disease, treatment of diabetes, potassium cyanide poisoning, mushroom poisoning, lowering of cholestrol, treatment adn prevention of cardiovascular disease, and it assists in end stage renal failure patients. To order your Plexus Slim and start seeing its benifits go to  today!

Free Offer

“Like” the Plexus Slim facebook page at and you could win a free 30-Day Supply of Plexus Slim and Accelerator next monday! Learn about Plexus tonight with the product summaries, live testimonials and business tips that will blow you away! Brandi Simmons 23871 Brian Soule 28725

Dial 1-218-862-7200 and use Access Code 610844
The Opportunity Call begins at 6:00pm PDT
(7:00 PM MST, 8:00 PM CST and 9:00 PM EST)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Healthy Breast Don't Get Cancer

With this being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to share with you this amazing book that is filled with great information. Order your copy along with a copy for your loved one at or at only $12.95 a copy you could save their life with the tips that are in this book!

Our Mission as Plexus World Wide

“Our company’s success is directly related to the service we render. The needs of each Plexus ambassador is the number one priority of our company. We are committed to the continuing research and analysis of tactics leading to the success of our ambassadors. We will use these proven sales, marketing, and operational concepts for our ambassadors benefit. We will work to build long- term relationships by striving for a satisfied customer. Our ultimate goal is to earn and keep our ambassadors friendship, trust, respect and loyalty”.

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