Thursday, May 3, 2012

100 pounds lost so far!! Way to Go Sherry!

“The before picture of me was taken on July 24, 2011. I am a first grade teacher and I have always battled my weight. I have tried every diet program you can imagine. Most times I have had minor success, but I lose interest and end up gaining back all of the weight I lose and then some. It is very common for me to begin a new diet program every August after school starts. I will usually have quit by Thanksgiving. When January rolls around I usually start something new, but again I usually give up by March.

I started dieting on August 22, 2011. After a week of trying to eat healthy, a friend/coworker told me about Plexus Slim. She brought me a seven day trial pack. I am always willing to try anything, so I gave it a shot. I felt different the very first day I tried Plexus Slim. Food was not even on my mind and I had no cravings for sweets like I normally had.

After three days of the trial pack, I ordered a month supply. The next month I became an Ambassador because I knew this was something I could stick with and wanted to share with others. The weight began falling off so quickly. There have been times that I have felt challenged, like holidays, but it is always so easy to get right back on track. I sailed through Christmas and into January.

On April 25th I was going to turn 41, the year before I had turned the big "4-0". I told my friends the only thing that bothered me was that I was going to be fat and 40. So this year I made my goal to lose 100 pounds by April 25th. I didn't quite make it by then, but on the very next day, April 26th, I reached my goal of 100 pounds lost. The next day, my precious friends and coworkers presented me with a $100 gift card to a local clothing store. They told me it was $1 per pound! I couldn't have done any of this without the help of my friends or Plexus Slim.

I still have more weight to lose and I have no plans or desire to quit eating right and taking Plexus Slim. I am so thankful to Plexus Slim that I will never again feel like I am 40 something and fat!!”
-Sherry M.

Incredible! Congratulations Sherry, you are doing an amazing job!

Brandi Simmons 23871

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