Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Here is yet another incredible testimonial sent in to Plexus Worldwide

So many people ask me, “What is it with you and Plexus? Why do you love it so much, does it work?” Well, here is my story:

It all started 3 years ago when I looked at a picture of myself holding my 8 month old in a Christmas picture and I thought, “Oh my God, is this really me?” I was 190lbs and was not at all happy with how I looked. It was from that moment I began a journey to be not only skinnier, but also healthier. If I wanted to be around to see my children grow, not to mention the numerous health issues that run in my family, I was not going to be another statistic!

So in January of 2010 I joined my local Curves and in a years’ time through much frustration I had lost 27lbs, quite an accomplishment I thought to myself. Then stress and depression and financial struggles took over and I did not diet anymore and gained almost half of that weight back and was stuck at 174 for the longest time. I was frustrated and just wanted to give up the battle… was it really worth it?

Then in December of 2012 a good friend introduced me to Plexus Slim. I was a skeptic like most of you and thought “Yeah right another diet fad!” Well, to my disbelief, I took my first drink and began my Plexus journey. After a weeks’ time I had lost 5lbs! I thought, “Is this really possible? Weight loss in a little pink drink?” And the energy from the accelerator was amazing. I was hooked!

I soon became an Ambassador, and now 8 months later I am happy to say I am in a loose size 8 and weigh 143 lbs. and I am loving life. Not to mention the financial freedom Plexus has brought my family. I am fixing to become a Gold Ambassador and look forward to all the things Plexus has in store.

Thank you Plexus!

- Jessica H.
New Iberia, LA

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Brandi Simmons 23871

The before and after photo from the above Plexus Story

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