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Information for Ambassadors New, Old , or thinking about becoming one!

What info do new Ambassadors need to know when they are signing up with Plexus? Whether you are a brand new Ambassador or have been with Plexus for years, this info is vital to being successful with your business.

Here are the most frequently asked questions from new Ambassadors:

What is an AutoQualification?
The Plexus AutoQualification is designed to protect Ambassadors against accidentally missing their monthly qualification. If you do NOT have $100 Personal Volume during the month, you will not be qualified to receive checks from Plexus. We never want that to happen to one of our Ambassadors. That’s why we have put the AutoQualification program in place. Here’s how it works: if by the 25th of the month (or the date that you choose when turning your AutoQualification on) you do not have your required $100 in Personal Volume, your AutoQualification will automatically execute a qualifying purchase of your choice on your behalf. This makes sure that you qualify for the month. If you already have $100 of Personal Volume by your AutoQualification date, your AutoQualification will NOT be executed; instead it will be moved forward to the next month. You will not be charged or sent a product order because you are already qualified for the month.

What is Personal Volume (PV)?
Personal Volume is the accumulation of product sales on your Ambassador account. This comes from any products that you purchase, whether for yourself or for resale, as well as any product purchases made by your Retail and Preferred Customers through your replicated websites. Please note, purchases made by your personally sponsored Ambassadors (and all other Ambassadors in your downline) do not count towards your Personal Volume. Also, some of our products have different PV value than their sale price (Accelerator, BioCleanse, ProBio5, sale items), meaning that spending exactly $100 does not guarantee that you have 100 PV.

When are Commissions paid?
Monthly commissions are paid on the 15th of the following month. For any activity that happens during October, Ambassadors will be paid on November 15th. This includes Retail Rewards, Plexus Points, and Achievement Bonuses.
Weekly commissions are paid every Friday. These include Business Building Bonuses for sponsoring new Ambassadors who purchase Welcome Packs, and Quick Pays (see below).

How do Quick Pays work?
Quick Pays are commissions that are paid out early. They are not bonuses, so keep in mind that on your monthly commission check, your retail rewards commissions may be less than you thought if you aren’t including the Quick Pays you have already received in your total. Quick Pays are paid out on Fridays, and are paid out on Retailers’ Packs, Lucky 7’s, and High Rollers – the packages available to Ambassadors which have 500 PV or more and automatically qualify them for the 25% commission rate. You are paid 25% of the PV for these packages (minus the qualifying 100 PV) on the Friday of the week following your purchase. For example, if an Ambassador purchases a Retailers' Pack, which has 500 PV, the following Friday they will receive a Quick Pay of $100 (500 PV - qualifying 100 PV = 400 PV, x25% = $100)

What is the return policy for Ambassadors?
Ambassadors may return product for a full refund upon notifying Plexus Customer Service within 5 days of receipt of their product purchase and upon receiving authorization. Product must be returned in resalable condition. A refund for the purchase price will only be made after the product has been returned and verified to be in satisfactory condition.

If a customer is unsatisfied with a product purchased directly from an Ambassador, they have up to 60 days to return to that Ambassador their unused product and its original packaging, their full name, phone number and email. Once this is done, the Ambassador issues the customer a refund for the purchase price. The Ambassador then contacts Plexus Customer Service for authorization and sends the collected items to Plexus. After contacting the customer to verify that you have issued their refund, Plexus will issue replacement product for the return items submitted.

Have you read the full Plexus Compensation Plan? You can download the document by clicking here, which includes all the information above and much, much more.


Brandi Simmons 23871
Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide, Inc.

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  1. forgot to add the link to click for the Full Plexus Compensation Plan if you are interested in seeing it click here http://www.plexusworldwide.com/img/Comp%20Plan%20Overview.pdf


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