Monday, October 1, 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Make sure you and your loved ones are proactive when it comes to Breast Health – and there is no easier time to make a point of this than October.

We’ve got a very special combo package with a big discount for our Ambassadors and their Customers this month.

Plexus would not be where it is today were it not for our commitment to breast health. Our founding product, the Breast Chek Kit, is such a useful tool for every household that we built our entire company around it. We followed the Breast Chek Kit with Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream, and eventually the must-read Breast Health Exposed by Jan Janzen.

It is now known that managing your weight is also very important when it comes to the risk of cancer. In fact, studies have shown the risk of certain types of cancer can increase over 50% for those who are overweight. (source – American Cancer Society)

This is why we are including our Plexus Pink Shaker Bottle with our October combo to encourage the use of Plexus Slim - and healthy weight loss - along with increased knowledge about breast health.

Click here to visit the October Combo on our website!

The October Combo Pack Includes:
1 Pink Shaker Bottle,1 Breast Chek Kit, 1 Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream,1 copy of Breast Health Exposed.

Retail Price: $97.85 October Special Price: $59.95 (40 PV)

Ambassador Price: $80.85 October Special Price: $49.95 (30 PV)

Pink Shaker Bottle Retail Price: $14.95
Ambassador Price: $12.95

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