Saturday, October 26, 2013

Plexus introduces Plexus Slim Accelerator+

We are proud to announce the launch of our new formulation for Plexus Accelerator: Accelerator+


Accelerator+ contains many of the same ingredients that our Ambassadors and Customers have grown to love since its introduction in 2010, and now takes the next step towards being the best supplement of its type!


Accelerator+ has ingredients that help the body turn up its food processing speed and encourages it to not react as dramatically to glucose, or what we also call blood sugar. When that happens, less is stored as fat and your body won't be as apt to demand more food to feel better, so you won't be as hungry. Plexus Slim, the other half of this combo, also addresses these same things in the body but from a slightly different direction.


Ingredients in Accelerator+ are natural substances and are considered safe for everyone. If you do have serious health issues, just ask your physician if it is ok for you to take and if it will be compatible with your medications. The main ingredients are Higenamine, Hordenine, 5-HTP, Hawthorne Extract, Green Tea Extract and Yerba Mate. When this special blend comes together to make Accelerator+, you have something that is targeted toward helping you hit your goals... sooner!


Accelerator+ will be available for purchase and begin shipping November 6th.   


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