Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Update on Plexus Accelerator+

Our new Accelerator+ has been on the market for over 6 weeks now and the feedback we are getting has been excellent. People are losing weight and feeling great. People who couldn't take the original Accelerator are able to take the new Accelerator+ and are losing weight.


Some Weight Gains Reported

We have had some people contact us saying that they were actually gaining weight with the Accelerator+. This seemed impossible to us. How could a product designed to have us lose weight be putting on weight? It was very puzzling so, we contacted our Product Advisor, Dr. Harris to get an explanation.


Dr. Harris Offers an Explanation

When a person who has been drinking caffeinated coffee for a lengthy time decides to quit "Cold Turkey" and switch to Decaf coffee, they quite often report severe headaches for up to two weeks. It is the body's reaction to being without caffeine. Dr. Harris pointed out that it is not the Decaf coffee that is causing the problem; it is the body's reaction to being without caffeine.


Dr. Harris suspects the same thing is happening with some people who had been taking the original Accelerator. He suggested that, when people go off the original Accelerator and the body has a reaction. With some people that reaction causes the body to put on weight. He points out again that it is not the new Accelerator+ that is causing the problem but rather the body's reaction to not having one or more of the ingredients in the original Accelerator.


So, with that explanation, what can people do who had been on the original Accelerator for some time?


Dr. Harris suggested that people allow the time to adjust to no longer having all of the ingredients in the original Accelerator, and don't expect consistent results until your body has fully adjusted, which may take 30 days or more.


Here's his specific suggestion: Begin taking two X Factor capsules with your daily drink of Plexus Slim and Accelerator+.


Dr. Harris reminded us that clinical studies have shown that by adding Aloe Vera to a person's daily regime, the body is able to assimilate other ingredients and nutrients up to 300% better than without the Aloe Vera. Each capsule of X Factor contains two patented and very powerful forms of Aloe Vera. By taking two X Factor capsules with Plexus Slim and Accelerator+ each morning, the Aloe Vera contained in the X Factor capsules enables the body to absorb more of the key weight loss ingredients in the Slim and Accelerator+.


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